Extension to the rear of the house

We decided to build an extension to the rear of our house at the back of the garage, we also wanted to convert the garage as part of this project. We knew already that this project would require an architect with experience as there are few manholes in our garden.

Some people we asked to quote the project did not have much of an idea with regards to planning and building permissions and could not give us clear, comprehensible information.

We asked Monika from Building Plan Design Ltd as she was recommended and who has over 17 years’ experience with architectural drawings for planning and building control authorities.

She immediately explained all the stages and the permissions needed to carry out the project.

She also knew a lot about the carrying out of the building work. She obviously had a wealth of experience when dealing with the council and building control and could also tell us promptly approximately how long it would take for the paperwork to be finalised. Her time plan was very accurate.

Her drawings of the layout of the project were very professional and when I asked her to add some more furniture dimensions to get a better feel of the layout she did so and came up with a very successful layout considering the space was small. She is very helpful and quick to respond to any problem or request we had.

 Once the project began, we had a surprise which shocked everyone. One of the manholes was classified as Public manhole and needed the neighbours’ permission. They refused us to relocate the manhole making it impossible to build what we had planned and had permissions from Planning and Building Control. I called Monika about the shocking news. She had to change the layout and also re-draw the plans because of this big problem with Public manhole.

Monika promptly changed all the technical plans within a very short time and was in contact with Thames Water to obtain agreement enabling us to build over the public sewer. We were able to start building the extension just 7 days later. I appreciate Monika’s experience and also coming up with excellent ideas when it came to planning the layout of the extension.

Light, living space, layout of the furniture, planning a small bathroom and kitchenette and taking plumbing and electricity into consideration and keeping everything within a budget was very successfully carried out.

I would recommend her to deal with a big or small project as she is totally dedicated and helpful experienced architectural technician.
Anna from Horley